It is interesting to reflect on my life, and trace back over the path that led me here, where I am today. Some steps were well-thought out, some haphazard, and some in response to external forces beyond my control. Amongst them were several pivotal moments that become clear only in the luxury of hindsight. Isn’t that true for everyone though?

I had a good childhood and an easygoing lifestyle, growing up near Perth, and got up to mischief on occasions. I got by at school, but never achieved. Now I can put some of that down to my first grade teacher, who put me down a couple of times, which, for a shy kid was very humiliating.

I probably made a subconscious decision not to stand out, and have mostly lived my life that way.

From school, I did reception work, then found my way into hairdressing – again, I got by, but never excelled. After I married my husband, who was in the navy, we moved a lot and so my working career fell away, as we were often in areas where that was not an option.

I was married for 26 years, during which time my husband and I raised our son Glen and, as a great adventure, we sailed around the world together for seven years on the yacht we had built and fitted out, visiting 46 countries. Teaching Glen via distance education, and learning about different cultures gave me a wealth of experience in understanding people, their hopes, their fears, their dreams and goals.

We returned from our world travels to settle on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, and put Glen into a local high school. I dabbled in sales roles and learnt there is much more to selling than I had realised.

After separating from my husband in 2001 I moved back to my hometown of Perth where I embarked on a new learning curve with trading shares and currencies: it can be a lonely existence but I still dabble in them. Two years later my dad passed away, and my mum and I bought a house together.

I have always used alternative medicine where possible, and it was during my time as my mum’s carer that I found kinesiology – or to be honest, it found me. I joined a weekend workshop out of interest, and because I felt it would benefit us both if I had some extra skills.

At the end of the weekend, energised for the first time in my life by a force greater than myself, I signed up to complete my Diploma in Kinesiology.

That was ten years ago, and my life has changed immeasurably. I began my Kinesiology course with little understanding of the journey I was embarking on. I learnt how the body works – but more importantly, how the mind works!

An experience of childhood can shape our life and make us the person we are.  Kinesiology can help us become aware of these memories and change patterns of behavior that may have been with us for decades. We do this by using Muscle Monitoring. Muscle monitoring is a technique used in Kinesiology as a way to identify the presence of stresses in the body. It is also known as a biofeedback tool, and offers a direct link into the subconscious, providing access to the physical, emotional, mental and psycho-spiritual realms of our being.

I believe my own eclectic mix of experiences through life have led me to where I am now and that enables me to help the people who seek me out, looking for a different form of therapy from the conventional drugs and surgery.

This last year has been challenging, losing my brother in December 2016 and a few months later, my Mum at the age of 99. This has left my family quite diminished – and opened up a greater understanding of others with similar experiences.

No, I’m not a spiritual guru; I am just a person who through my own life experiences is able to sometimes help others through their twists and turns of life.

I have now achieved an Advanced Diploma, and have established my own private practice. I also work as a teacher/trainer at the college where I was taught, helping students (mostly mature age) overcome their fear of study, and other perceived inadequacies, to become successful Kinesiologists.

I’ve also traveled the world researching, studying and learning about the human system and how Kinesiology can be applied to unleash the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Having worked with hundreds of clients of all ages and all walks of life, I am now proud to be regarded as one of the most experienced practitioners in Western Australia.

I believe that simply raising a family or being a good friend is enough to qualify for a good life. I am grateful for the moments in time and synchronicities that have led me to this point, as I now have the deep satisfaction of feeling that my time on this earth has been most worthwhile.

Gloria Carlson lives in Perth, Western Australia, and can be found at