My jewellery informs my life and guides me to the next adventure. My job is to allow the pieces to tell their unique story. I’m a steward of sorts and can’t think of a better role. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing. I am so blessed.

I have lived in East Africa, England, Australia and America and have developed relationships all over the world while experiencing different cultures. I absorbed the colours, textures, patterns, rhythms and aesthetics of each and through that process of discovery. I have particularly come to value embrace the rich histories and beauties of ethnic expression.

I take the vibrancy of each piece, infuse it with experience and only then does the finished piece finds its rightful home, not the other way around.

There are times I find an absolutely fascinating object which that doesn’t seem simply to doesn’t go with anything and that’s where patience comes into play. It’s often years later that, the perfect complement arrives to complete something totally unique and rich with character. Another life lesson is reinforced: rarely does anything happen in my life that is just random chance.

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