1. Inspiring you to embrace change, reinvention and life, and find new & old ways of doing things which make you happy

2. Shining our light on all the fascinating people honestly contributing good things to the world, who you will meet in our pages, so they go on to be even more luminous


  • Career and business (and life) transition & success for women in business, authors & artisans (sometimes we are two or three of these)
  • Purpose, growth and fulfilment
  • Adventures big & small
  • Alternative independent women finding new ways to live and be.


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Honestly Woman began life as a print magazine (below) in January 2006, proudly sitting on newsagencies’ shelves amidst the big-girl mags like ‘O’. That was a thrill, I can tell you.


In conjunction with the magazine I also ran events, and even co-founded a not-for-profit group, WomenRace4…Redkite. We went on to win the tactical division of the 2007 Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race on South Passage, a gaff-rigged schooner, with a fantastic group of women, now dear friends, all because I stepped up and made that dream of publishing a priority. You can read my blog post here about how it all began. (A note of thanks – the nfp co-founder, Di Halden, continued to manage WomenRace4…Redkite after my departure.)

When I reluctantly chose to cease the print magazine during the GFC, there was not the plethora of digital devices that we have today, so I felt then that an e-magazine was not an easy-read option for many. But the magazine has continued to call me and here we are again.

You can read more of my own story of reinvention here

It’s wonderful to have you here!

Bev Ryan – Editor