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Lisa Chiodo

Lisa Chiodo Australian Living in Piedmont Italy Having renovated multiple properties in Australia Lisa Chiodo is now on her second in Italy. She lives the rustic life (really, really rustic) in a hamlet at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy. Featured on House Hunters International, this Australian family are the slightly dysfunctional version of Under the Tuscan Sun. HW: What are you doing now? This is our fourth year living in Italy; in this time we’ve been busy restoring the Borgata, welcoming guests to our loft apartment, and helping others with the process of buying a house...

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Not Your Typical Barrister

I thought about enrolling in medicine but felt I was too old at 41 to begin that long path. I knew nothing about law but it did interest me, so while working full-time as a medical practice manager, I dived in and gave it my very best. “You’re too smart for this job.” Every now and then someone comes along who dramatically impacts our lives, and those words certainly changed mine. After six years working as a medical practice Manager, I was employed in 2002 by a highly regarded Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Dr Chris Bradbury at St Vincent’s Clinic in Sydney,...

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It is powerful to note that our insight does not come from a psychology 101 lecture but from the makers of our slow clothing label: some have experienced the worst human rights abuses on earth. The Possibility Project is a social enterprise, founded by Kath Davis and Kim Pearce. Their principle aim is to bring simple solutions to complex issues by encouraging people to take a creative (entrepreneurial) approach to problem solving. About a month after meeting Kath while walking my kids to their new school in Sydney, and over our first cup of tea, I asked Kath if she...

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I also choose to be present and to believe I am okay wherever I am, without wanting to change or to avoid what I feel. Distraction and avoidance had been my downfalls. Most afternoons, the sunlight coming through the high-set windows in the bathroom plays with the mirrors and the shower glass, leaving a colourful trail on the corridor’s carpeted floor outside my bedroom. There are days when my private little rainbow doesn’t appear, and other days when it may be there, I don’t notice it. I don’t know anyone who is indifferent to rainbows. Do you? No matter...

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Yes it does take some understanding and work if you are not where you would like to be right now… but the exciting thing is that you have the ability to make that change. I am a second generation numerologist, fortunate enough to have had the art and science of numerology passed down to me by my mum, Beryl Saunders (known as Bez to most), a gifted numerologist who lived and breathed the science of numbers. Yes, I know when I say it that way it can sound a little boring, unless mathematics is your thing, but here’s the...

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