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Facing the Wall – Two women climb Mount Kilimanjaro

‘Hiding requires energy: energy to suppress the real self, to conform, to keep the mask in place, to control the illusion and to restrain a spirit from revolt. Alert to the small alarm bells warning that you are hiding—hiding from your light, your life, your potential, your gift or the unique song you are meant to sing in this life. Hiding has a high price.’ ~ Dolores Cummins Our path upward across the face of the wall seems an impossible climb. As we begin to clamber up, I look back at our campsite so recently cramped with tents and...

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The Art of Living in Genoa, Italy

Living in countries not my own has invited, over time, an examination of those labels pinned on me by family, friends and circumstances. You see, moving countries and cultures alone, my labels disappeared and I had to define myself all over again. It’s an on-going process, and I have been slow to adjust to the freedom of it. I grew up in small-town New Zealand, married and moved all over the South Island. A situation that sees friends and colleagues become like family in the absence of family. And so too, the labels that are created by sharing a culture,...

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How to Rekindle the Flame … when you feel like an ember

We know that persistence is the key to achievement, but how do you become persistent and STAY persistent? That’s a good question. Bob Proctor says that “To develop the habit of persistence that you can maintain, you must first want something. You have to want something so much that it becomes a heated desire, a passion in your belly. You must fall in love with the idea.” But we all know that even intelligent people, brilliant business owners, gifted athletic performers, and the most creative people occasionally lose their mojo. So how do you rekindle the passion when you...

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A Force Greater Than Myself

It is interesting to reflect on my life, and trace back over the path that led me here, where I am today. Some steps were well-thought out, some haphazard, and some in response to external forces beyond my control. Amongst them were several pivotal moments that become clear only in the luxury of hindsight. Isn’t that true for everyone though? I had a good childhood and an easygoing lifestyle, growing up near Perth, and got up to mischief on occasions. I got by at school, but never achieved. Now I can put some of that down to my first grade teacher,...

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From shopping and surviving to absolutely thriving

There’s plenty of research on the pursuit of happiness, and none of it suggests shopping as the answer. That’s why in 2014 I undertook the experiment of buying nothing new or second-hand for a year, and saved 38% of my salary: I only bought food and essential toiletries, and enjoyed selected experiences. Here’s are four things I love about quitting shopping. You use up everything that you already have Psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses, who works with extreme hoarders, says there’s a little bit of hoarder in all of us. Even I questioned my sanity when I counted eighty four bars...

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