The Art of Living in Genoa, Italy

Living in countries not my own has invited, over time, an examination of those labels pinned on me by family, friends and circumstances. You see, moving countries and cultures alone, my labels disappeared and I had to define myself all over again. It's an on-going...

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A Force Greater Than Myself

It is interesting to reflect on my life, and trace back over the path that led me here, where I am today. Some steps were well-thought out, some haphazard, and some in response to external forces beyond my control. Amongst them were several pivotal moments that become...

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Take Your Blinkers Off

“Wow! Lucky you!” is the usual response when others heard I’d been invited to be a guest speaker on P&O cruises. My initial response to the invitation was more like, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Crazy I know, but in my head I heard, “I don’t do cruises.” I’ve always...

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From Where I Stand

Life isn't without unexpected bumps, turns and bridges to cross. There is no map or GPS that can help me find the best way to get somewhere because the road I walk on isn't predefined. It unfolds with each step I take, and it keeps changing its course. Many might...

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Put Yourself on the Cover

As I planned the first issue of this e-magazine, I felt compelled to appear on its cover. It felt risky – I had the usual concerns that it would be misconstrued as a little narcissistic. Or worse, try-hard.   I am not seeking to achieve an Oprah, Ita or Maggie T...

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