Are you ready, willing – and perhaps even a little desperate – to redesign or reinvent your career so you feel excited and engrossed by your best work? Are you struggling to figure out how to do that?

I was in that place in my 40s, and it’s not a happy state, I know. I found my way through it and learned a lot, and as often happens, I eventually trained so I could help others come through that same process.

(Most often we do our best work helping people through something we have experienced ourselves.)

The people I work with as a career coach face at least one of these common problems:

  • They are not sure just what they want to do in the next phase of their career.
  • They do know what they want, but do not know how to make it happen.
  • They are working hard on making things happen, but getting nowhere: they feel they are slipping on lino, as my good friend Jane Grieve would say.
  • They feel they may be running out of time BUT they know they must do their own remarkable thing SOON or they will always regret it.

But, as Pamela Slim, in her book ‘Body of Work’, writes:


‘No one is looking out for your career anymore. You must find meaning, locate opportunities, sell yourself, and plan for unexpected disasters. You must develop a set of skills that makes you able to earn an income in as many ways as possible.’

It’s all about developing an enterprising mindset

I love to help my clients create their best life by supporting them with any of:

  • re-entering the workforce after a redundancy
  • taking a total change of career direction
  • stepping up to a bigger, bolder level in their career
  • defining that elusive ‘passion’ everyone else is talking about
  • dealing with the Imposter Syndrome, which saps confidence and holds many women back
  • finding ways to profit from passions by developing variety and several income streams
  • self-publishing the book that gives an author influence, credibility and visibility
  • or even starting their own micro-business.


 The results can be life-changing

  • ‘Publishing my own book was a real career-changer’
  • ‘That great resume and one networking conversation changed my life’
  • ‘Completing that course changed everything’
  • ‘Redundancy was actually the best thing that happened! Now I really love what I do.’



  • CAREER DEVELOPMENT: for women re-entering the workforce, seeking another fulfilling role, or wanting total career change. As well as working with private career clients, I consult part-time with HR organisations as a Career Transition Adviser supporting people immediately after their jobs have been made redundant.
  • PROFESSIONAL PROFILING: I assist women in business and careers to present themselves professionally in Board applications, online profiles such as LinkedIn and websites, as well as other business and career collateral. >>DOWNLOAD THIS LINKEDIN FLYER<<




Available options:

  • Resume – one or two versions (Chronological and/or Functional)
  • Cover letter
  • Selection criteria
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Your 40 to 60-second spoken summary

Contact Bev on 0403 831 342 OR use the Contact page on this website.

Sometimes all it takes is a brainstorming session – the lights go on and away you go!

Pre-session work included so we are both prepared.

Contact Bev on 0403 831 342 OR use the Contact page on this website.

This program is designed around your needs, whether you are investigating your next options or focussed and ready to make a change. It includes pre-program work so we are both prepared; an initial 90-minute meeting in week 1; program work between sessions; then three 60-minute sessions spaced weekly or fortnightly, or even monthly.

Contact Bev on 0403 831 342 OR use the Contact page on this website.


  • pre-work
  • exercises
  • worksheets
  • follow-up material
  • access to relevant resources
  • networking referrals.



TALENT DYNAMICS profile and 60minute minute debrief and coaching (Skype or meeting) $250


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