Honestly Woman is a feel-good, smart quarterly digital magazine for vibrant, timeless, gutsy women who are aspirational, intelligent, young at heart, and with dreams still to work on.


Our content supports the themes of mature-age business, career and life reinvention.

Our aim is to spotlight, celebrate, energise, support and connect diversity as we cut through stereotypes.

We are looking for:

  • profiles
  • interviews
  • opinion pieces
  • informative articles
  • beautiful & relevant imagery

We do not resort to terminology such as ‘baby boomer’, ‘senior’, ‘aging’ etc.


We are not initially in a position to pay writers, but do offer other benefits in return for quality contributions, including profile, promotion and positioning to our growing readership and alliances.

You will also value having your work published because of the opportunity to build your own reader following, and to add to your writing portfolio.

We also request that as a contributor you distribute the link to your magazine article to your own connections so you gain maximum benefit from exposure in the magazine, and grow your voice of authority within your own circles.

In this way we support each other’s growth.

We welcome content suggestions, so please send your expression of interest, the theme/s you would like to write about, and your magazine distribution potential. Use this link to the CONTACT FORM on this website, or click the button below.

However, if you prefer to wait until we are able to pay key contributors, we understand.