It has been an interesting few months.

I love what I do, working with clients who are either publishing their own career-changing book or going through some type of career change – and  sometimes both together, as publishing is a fantastic strategy for career development.

Both processes take them through enormous personal and professional growth, to often dramatic outcomes.

But something has been missing for me – something creative, something I have had before and have longed to do again.

A year or so ago I surveyed women who both knew Honestly Woman, the popular national print magazine I have published (an early banner above) and women who did not know it, and 100 per cent of the many respondents said a loud and definite ‘yes’ to the question – ‘Do you feel Honestly Woman has a digital place today?’

But I struggled with the idea of using the name again. Should I find a new one? (It’s so easy to get caught up on a business name – and the logo – isn’t it. Going nowhere fast.)

Then clarity arrived in the most unexpected way. But that’s where clarity usually lurks – in unexpected places, just waiting for us to relax the brain so it has room to enter.

Mine was lurking amidst the sublime performances of Leonard Cohen, his backing singers and his band on his ‘Live in London 2008’ CD. Between songs he spoke of starting that tour: ‘I was 72, just a kid with a crazy dream.’

There it was! He didn’t have to change his name to perform again. People throng to see him because of his name, because they know and love what he does. At any age.

My wrestle with finding a new name for this magazine was over. Many people already know the Honestly Woman name. Readers loved the print version. Many had already told me that they would love to see a digital version.

Google finds us both easily. Let’s do this!

Thank you Leonard for the music – and the clarity.

So here we are – the new HW is underway – and I am LOVING this process!

Here’s what it is all about.

You are invited to contribute and participate as fully as you wish – may HW be a source of inspiration and growth in your life too.

Bev Ryan – editor, publisher, coach

PS: I will also be blogging about good stuff I see and find, and my own business and personal growth, as we go, because we are all on the same trajectory. If my wins and wrong paths can help you or inspire you, fantastic!