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Naturally, many women’s stories fall across 2 or 3 of those themes.

There will be some changes in 2018. As much as I have loved producing the three full-colour digital magazine layouts for Honestly Woman, available below in pdf format, I have found a couple of things:
1. The content is interesting and meaningful to many, but it’s not always easy to read a full magazine format with double-spreads on a phone or other devices when you are busy and on the run – even though the quality of the layout has been impressive and many people have complimented us on that.
2. I am giving more time now to my core publishing activity, which is supporting purposeful women self-publishing important & meaningful non-fiction books.

So I have wrestled with the decision to make a change, to simplify – but really, we should be unafraid to shape and mold our new projects as we build them. (So let my admission of change free you up to do the same, should you feel the tug.)

In 2018 Honestly Woman will house all articles on this website, and content will focus on support for & stories of purposeful women doing important and meaningful work, many of whom embrace publishing a book as one of their key strategies to help them achieve goals and impact in a positive way.


I will then send a regular newsletter to subscribers via Mailchimp to bring the stories to your email box.

As an example, READ the December ’17 edition HERE.

And from time to time I may still curate a collection of themed stories from the HW website & bring them to you in full-colour magazine layout again.

Bev Ryan – Editor


The above issues were produced in October 2016, January 2017, and in July 2017.