More than ever before, women are kicking stereotypes aside and taking control. More women than men are establishing businesses today – and surprisingly Australian women aged over 55 (and over 65 as well) are starting their own businesses at a rate unmatched by any other age groups in the last 10 years, according to research from Bankwest in 2013 and again in 2015.

Women in business are hungry to learn and succeed, and increasingly they are discovering the positive impact on their business of publishing their own expertise in print format. No, the book is not a dying art form. Just the opposite.

“Writing a (non-fiction) book also opened up a whole new career path for me; people began approaching me to ghost-write their books, so for a year I wrote books for four clients. It also secured me a writing gig for a well-known blogger, which has led to me working in an ongoing support role for them. This opportunity makes up a part of what has made it possible for me to live a laptop lifestyle and travel and live wherever I like in the world.” – Neroli Makim, author of Your Inner Knowing: Unlocking the Secrets to Creative Success

Technology now enables independent publishing in all creative fields, and we regularly see authors, musicians, singers and other artists launch and control the next stage of their burgeoning careers.

The beauty of your own book

If you wish to build or fast-track your career or business around your area of interest and expertise I suggest you take the bold step of publishing in that field to establish your name and credentials.

In fact, in the article ‘Is an MBA worth it?’ in the Financial Review in 2013, Lucinda Schmidt found that a formal qualification does not always guarantee doors will open. A thoughtfully-planned and on-target book however, seems to do that quite effectively!

Should you decide to write and publish a book to boost your career or business, you will embark upon one of the best self-paced learning programs available to you – and the end result will be a tangible product which shows the world you know your stuff. (Because you will.)

The benefits

Credibility; pulling power; a visible legacy; and sharing of hard-won wisdom and expertise are just some of the benefits of putting fingers to the keyboard.

Through publishing their expertise in a quality book, I have seen women:

• attract attention as well as expected and unexpected opportunities and invitations to speak, host, facilitate, partner – and more
• gain recognition for their uniqueness in their industry, so they are no longer competing with others for clients
• feel they are adding real value to the world through their work
• reach many more people than they ever dreamed they could.

Publishing a book can do the same for you: you can be as brilliantly creative as you wish and can stretch yourself to your limits – and yet it is a logical process which also appeals to the left brain, which likes to know there is a step one, step two etc.

Your book can roam the world and maybe take you along for the ride if you are up for it and should you be creative enough to find a way.

Your book can introduce you to places you might have never gone on your own, and can open conversations with people who look at you as if you know what you are talking about – because you do – and because you wrote a book about it.

A book can really change every part of your life. It can change you internally; it can change how the world sees you; it can educate you so that as you’re writing the book you are actually transformed by the process. Writing a book is a big deal and a big project, a self-directed learning program of its own.

Best of all, when you combine your accumulated knowledge (and further research if needed) with your own experience and your real understanding of the true, underlying needs of your chosen audience, your book can change lives.

By Bev Ryan: Find out more about my book coaching & publishing services here, and the value-packed personal book coaching webinar program, ‘Profit from Publishing.

“… self-directed learners don’t wait for anyone’s permission to begin learning. They write blogs, build start-ups, create art, record videos, teach their skills, and sell their services. They keep an eye out for the innumerable ways that they can improve someone else’s life.” – Better Than College by Blake Boles