It took about a year before we got our first paid speaking gig but then, when ‘Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office’ hit the bookstores, the calls poured in and my vision of becoming a motivational speaker came true.

Dr Lois Frankel

international speaker and author, California

And closer to home:

People enjoy and value my book and it is rewarding to know that the book is valued and useful. It has also enabled me to put myself out there to the world and in doing so, toughen up to criticism, which has been low so far. It has mostly given me credibility and a platform from which to reach a bigger audience and thus connect with more and more women. Business partnerships are now beginning to appear as well.

Amanda Bigelow

health coach & advocate, author of ‘Powered by Health’


  • Self-doubt and fear kick in – they tell themselves, ‘I’m not an expert so who do I think I am to write a book?’
  • Lack of time – or poor use of time – so they just never get started.
  • Confusion about the whole publishing process – it seems unattainable as they have no idea how it all happens.
  • They don’t know where to start – so nothing happens. Ideas just keep swirling and they have no idea what to do first.



It usually takes support to keep you focussed on a special goal like publishing a book, when you add it to an already busy life.

Successful people in all fields acknowledge the benefit of a coach or mentor: a book coach who knows publishing is an ideal low-cost investment in your future growth and they will help you deal with all four of the above wobblies.

  • We deal with self-doubt and help you find your purpose, your message and your value which you will then express in your book.
  • We outline the whole publishing process and work out your publishing timeline with in-built deadlines together so you have an external accountability. We also refer you to the people and resources you need to support your dream.
  • We work out your structure together and give you a clear starting point, with a framework to work within, instead of free-falling into the hole of procrastination.




A trusted colleague, Global Networking Specialist and publishing expert, Robyn Henderson, recommended I contact book coach and publishing consultant, Bev Ryan, for assistance and guidance, as Robyn knew her to be someone who is professional, easy to work with and understanding of my target market – dynamic women over 50 years of age.

Bev turned editing and publishing my book, which had the potential to be a stressful task, into a simple and enjoyable exercise. I plan to use her services for my future books and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs perhaps a one-off session with a book coach to help you get your book underway OR ongoing mentoring and support OR a publishing project manager to handle the whole process.

Bev Brough

author of ‘Now we’re talking – about mature women’


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