We know that persistence is the key to achievement, but how do you become persistent and STAY persistent? That’s a good question.

Bob Proctor says that “To develop the habit of persistence that you can maintain, you must first want something. You have to want something so much that it becomes a heated desire, a passion in your belly. You must fall in love with the idea.”

But we all know that even intelligent people, brilliant business owners, gifted athletic performers, and the most creative people occasionally lose their mojo. So how do you rekindle the passion when you feel it is lying in embers instead of burning bright?

Here are four things you can begin with today:

  1. Rediscover your goals – what do you really want? Are you setting and achieving big worthy goals with your team?
  2. Take daily positive action towards your goals – form that habit of writing down six goal achieving activities each day and work through them. Small daily improvements with your focus and habits will create a huge momentum swing in your results.
  3. Connect with your passion and purpose – go back to the beginning – why did you start the business, what are you passionate about? Think about ways you can bring more of your passion and purpose into the daily habits of your business and team.
  4. Visualise the success you desire. Switch on your imagination! Spend five to ten minutes, three times a day visualising your goals. The subconscious mind cannot differentiate between what is real or imagined so as you do this, you will experience the ‘feel-good’ emotions associated with the accomplishment of those goals. This will shift your energy and behaviour on a daily basis and move you towards the better results you desire.

Once the flame is reignited, make time for the daily habits that will move you upward again.

Karen Brook is a Results Mentor and Entrepreneurial Expert and Australian facilitator of Thinking Into Results developed by the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She has spent that past 13+ years helping individuals and teams reignite their flame, and establish small habits that make big shifts which boost productivity, performance and profit and bring their ideas to life. Click here to book a free Discovery Session with Karen if you are serious about achieving your career dream, and download Karen’s ‘Eight Key Questions’.