Honestly Woman magazine is for and about enterprising women who are making things happen in their career, their business, their circle, and their inner life.

Like you, I too bring a variety of skills and experience to the table. Gathering and growing them has been a journey, believe me, and I now feel very fortunate to have found my place over time – the place where I am happiest, and where I make contributions that are meaningful in others’ lives.

My two loves are publishing and career coaching. Not a lot in common at first view, but drill down and there is a powerful intersection.

Publishing is a process that empowers, educates, and enlivens. It impacts the author personally in ways they may not have ever envisioned. Satisfaction. Pride. Accomplishment. Excitement. Confidence. Self-belief. A new self-image.

Professionally, publishing gives you visibility, credibility, recognition, opportunity, business or professional growth, industry expertise, connections, acknowledgement.

Print & digital publishing take many forms: books, magazines, blogs, articles, podcasts, videos … even your LinkedIn profile and your resume are published content. It’s critical you produce quality material.

If I can help you with gaining career clarity and traction, or help you with your publishing ideas, I would love to talk with you…

Bev Ryan, Editor